Paid advertisement is a kind of advertisement you pay for your business to display an ad on social media or on search engines.

Digital marketing strategies are rapidly evolving and marketers are looking for a rapid and effective digital brand strategy that positions their brand in front of the right customers. Increase your visibility in search engines and get immediate results with Vox plus, the Digital Marketing Agency’s Paid Ads services.

Paid advertising is a profitable choice. Especially if you want an immediate boost and a fast return on investment (ROI).

Even social media marketing uses paid ads to get their content in front of their ideal customers. Paid ads come in different shapes, sizes and types. Paid text ads are a common one and you can see them at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). Display ads include product images, videos, user ratings and similar elements. It usually appears as banner ads on website content or social media networks.

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Why VOX plus’s Paid Ads services?


Drive customers to your business

We create ads that drive ready-to-buy customers mode without wasting more revenue.


Focus on Conversion and ROI

Vox plus’s dedicated paid ad managers support your digital advertising efforts with their expertise and years of experience.



Our tailored reporting ensures your growth is sustainable. We help you to plan a successful paid ad campaign with confidence.

VOX plus offers galore of Paid Advertising Services

Paid ads are an excellent way for your brand to drive valuable leads. According to marketers, 50% of paid ads visitors is higher than organic traffic. At Vox plus, our experts will help you to select the right paid ads type that brings more leads for your business.



Display advertisement is for conveying commercial messages visually in the form of text, animations, videos, photographs or other graphics. It is also known for targeting online users in an effective way. Our paid ads agency recommends display advertisements to companies that get your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind and capture the occasional lead that has an interest and clicks on your ad.



Search ads are the most common ads you’ll see in search results. These ads appear at the top and bottom of search results to prospects who are looking for your industry or brand offering. Search ads are suitable for short periods of sales or one-time campaign promotion. Our Paid Ads Agency suggests search advertising to businesses to get strong, high-quality leads from new customers.



Social media ads are the most popular type of paid advertising service for engaging leads. Social advertisement appears on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. It is a great way to connect with your audience. At Vox plus, we offer influence marketing solutions for social advertisements to companies to reach their target audience based on their hobbies, networks and interests among other factors.



Also known as YouTube ads. These ads appear on YouTube as a YouTube search result, YouTube video and video production partner as display network. According to the report, more than 60% of internet users watch YouTube. It's a great opportunity to connect with the audience with digital content creation services. Even Facebook launched instream ads that allow companies to place advertising during breaks in videos.



Local search ads are the most exclusive type of advertisement. The purpose of this ad is to make businesses stand out in the local results section of a Google search. By investing in local ads campaigns you will earn more leads for your business. At Vox plus, we have a team of experts who will bring their knowledge and expertise to help you create valuable results for your business.



Remarketing Ads are the effective paid ads tactics that get leads to convert. It helps your audience to remind your products or services who once visited your website and compel them to convert. Our digital marketing agency utilizes the right paid ads formats and extensions to achieve significant results with paid ads campaigns.

Paid Advertising Platforms We Serve

Our social media marketing service offers paid advertising campaigns on different social media platforms and keeps track of your marketing campaign.


Take your digital marketing to the next level with paid advertising to target your audience and boost revenue.

Why Paid Advertising Is Important For Your Business?

Paid Advertising can be an effective way to ensure that your message reaches your customers at the right time and in the right place. Paid advertising has a wide variety of benefits for businesses, but the most widespread benefits are:

  • Boosts your business revenue quickly.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • The ability to reach your target audience and “lookalike” audiences
  • The most cost-effective way to advertise your business

How Do We Work To Make Paid Ads Campaigns Successful?

  • With our integrated marketing solutions, we understand the needs of every business and target the right audience.
  • We create simple, understandable and precise ad content. This is the core factor of our ad campaigns.
  • We plan and strategize ad campaigns according to the business' needs.
  • We always keep transparency in our work from the beginning until the end of the ad process.
  • Our main goal for your business is to increase ROI.